The wireless KBSOUND® DOCK Accessory for use with the KBSOUND® iSelect 2.5" or 5" allows you to enjoy and listen to your music from all models of iPhone and iPod, and any other external sound source that can be connected to the Dock using a 3.5mm jack input.

The KBSOUND® DOCK comprises; The Dock, a wireless RF Module that fits into the connector socket of the iSelect Electronic module and a power supply. IMPORTANT: use only the power supply supplied with the DOCK.

When the iSelect is integrated with the KBSOUND® DOCK Accessory, the Remote Control allows you to step forward and back or play and pause the playing list.of the iPod connected to the Dock.

If you wish to purchase and use only one DOCK in several different rooms, then each iSelect installed in those rooms must be fitted with a wireless RF Module which can be purchased as an additional accessory.

When the Dock is powered from the external power supply, it will charge the batteries of your iPod/iPhone.

When the Dock is not connected to the power supply it can be powered from the batteries of the iPod/iPhone connected to the Dock. In this case, the external audio source AUDIO IN is not available.

Black or White color.



Installation manual KBsound Dock CC-1154-04 English

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