KBSOUND® iSelect 2.5"


The iSelect 2.5" is our most popular model

It is a more versatile addition to the KBSound catalogue. It has the easy to use features and the great sound of the Select 2.5" with the addition of the ability to attach either the optional Bluetooth dongle or ipod dock.

The iSelect comes in a basic FM model. It can be used anywhere in Australia and New Zealand that is served by digital radio.

Our 2.5" iSelect is the perfect solution for a small or medium sized room or space. Great sound/No footprint.

The main features of the iSelect kit are:

-The Remote Control. The Kit is managed by the Remote Control with a LCD display screen and the Radio Data System(RDS) communications protocol.

The key panel will allow you to choose your sound source whether it be FM, BLUETOOTH/iPOD or AUDIO IN. It has a LEVEL key to operate the volume, bass, treble, bass and loudness.

Other keys allow you to scan or directly key-in FM stations and store in the memory the stations with optimal reception.

The digital radio mode allows you to store up to 30 preset stations.

When the iSelect is integrated with the KBSOUND® DOCK or the BLUETOOTH® Accessory the Remote Control also  allow you to step forward and back or play and pause the BT/iPod playing list.

    -The Electronic Module includes an FM tuner with 30 memories. Its stereo audio output is 1.5 + 1.5W. Its connecting terminals permit easy wiring and installation. The wireless module of the KBSOUND® DOCK or the BLUETOOTH® Accessory fits snugly into the connector socket of the Electronic Module.

    -Two 2.5" (16Ω) 5W. loudspeakers with a IR receiver/transmitter built-into the loudspeaker grille. Available in white and matt chrome colours.


    Installation manual KBsound iSelect 2,5' [CC-1148-02]

    User's manual CC-1152ENG-03

    User's manual CC-1157ENG-02 DAB

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