KBSOUND® iSelect 5"


Our 5" iSelect is the perfect solution for a medium or larger sized room or space.

The iSelect comes in a basic FM model or a FM digital radio model. It can be used anywhere in Australia and New Zealand that is served by digital radio.

The main features of the iSelect kit are:

-The Remote Control. The Kit is managed by the Remote Control with a LCD display screen and RDS. The key panel will allow you to choose your sound source whether it be FM, BT/iPOD or AUDIO IN and with the LEVEL key operate the volume, bass, treble, bass and loudness.

Other keys will allow you to scan or directly key-in FM stations and store in the memory the stations with optimal reception.

When the iSelect is integrated with the KBSOUND® DOCK or the BLUETOOTH® Accessory the Remote Control also  allow you to step forward and back or play and pause the BT/iPod playing list.

    -The Electronic Module includes an FM tuner with 30 memories. Its stereo audio output is 1.5 + 1.5W. Its connecting terminals permit easy wiring and installation. The wireless module of the KBSOUND® DOCK or the BLUETOOTH® Accessory fits snugly into the connector socket of the Electronic Module.

    -Two 5" (16Ω) 20W. loudspeakers with a IR receiver/transmitter built-into the loudspeaker grille. Available only in white colour.


    Installation manual  iSelect 5` CC-1150-03

    User's manual CC-1152ENG-03

    User's manual CC-1157ENG-02 DAB

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