Add a new living experience to your kitchen or bathroom and complete the heart of your home. 

The full featured control panel includes an FM Tuner and a mini-jack audio input for direct connection of your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and other audio devices. The Premium DAB model has all these features and the full range of digital radio stations available in Australia & New Zealand 

While ideal in the kitchen and the bathroom - the built-in Alarm clocks make it the perfect sound system for the bedroom.

Features and components are:

  • Audio Control Unit with display and FM tuner
  • Stereo audio output is 1.5 + 1.5W.
  • Memory holds 20 radio stations
  • Clock, alarms, timer and date
  • Jack input for external audio devices
  • Two 2.5" (16 Ohm.) 5W. Loudspeakers
  • Speaker Cable (10 meters)
  • Antenna (76 cm)

Available also in: 



User's and installation manual KBSound PREMIUM DAB [CC-1122ENG-05]



Face cover for Premium control unit - Black & Grey Aluminium


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