Add a new living experience to your kitchen or bathroom and complete the heart of your home. 

The full featured control panel includes an FM Tuner and a mini-jack audio input for direct connection of your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and other audio devices.

While ideal in the kitchen and the bathroom - the built-in Alarm clocks make it the perfect sound system for the bedroom.

Features and components are:

  • Audio Control Unit with display and FM tuner
  • Stereo audio output is 1.5 + 1.5W.
  • Memory holds 20 radio stations
  • Clock, alarms, timer and date
  • Jack input for external audio devices
  • Two 2.5" (16 Ohm.) 5W. Loudspeakers
  • Speaker Cable (10 meters)
  • Antenna (76 cm)


User's and installation manual KBSound PREMIUM DAB [CC-1122ENG-05]



Face cover for Premium control unit - Black & Grey Aluminium


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